The world is marked by the sense that things are falling apart from what we expect and desire them to be. This piece speaks to our collective condition of disconnection – from our home lands, from the earth, from each other and from ourselves. Everyone Breaks will stand, mended with the truth of our potential to repair the broken connections with a beautiful and invaluable strength. This piece offers to the public a moment of constructive self-consciousness.

THEME: The Responsibility of the Artist in the Public Square.

IFEI was very inspired to by the Ife sculptures of Benin from the 13th century. They have an undeniable beauty as well as a spiritual story from the Yoruba people who believe that Ife is the place where life and civilization began. The Ife heads, all slightly smaller than life sized, were used to represent a spiritual or royal figure during ritualistic and spiritual ceremonies postmortem.
KINTSUGI   The art of embracing damage through repairing a cracked or broken object with gold