Chisholm Memorial

While many were beginning to organize the fight for America to live up to its promise that “All men are created equal,” Shirley Chisholm’s trailblazing life promoted us to consider the equality of all humanity.

Chisholm Trail Memorial is a bold and timeless dedication to Shirley Chisholm, supported by her own powerful words. Her inspiring quotes are embedded into the ground on the sidewalk leading up to the Memorial Sculpture. This trail tempers visitors to the mindset of this great woman as they approach her monumental bronze representation framed by vertical jets of water and light. LINK TO PROPOSAL

Sculptor Tanda Francis is inspired to create public work in the spirit throughout history of honouring great contributors to society through the creation of representational heads.

Chisholm Trail is a colossal dedication which people around the world will seek out and know our commitment to honouring women who have helped to shape progress in our society.